Quarry School Place, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8LH

Early Help

Early Help at Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School

We know our local communities well and know that our families are incredibly unique.

As a result, each family may need something a little different.

From registration through to Home Visit and transition, we forge strong and positive relationships with our families. This means we can have honest, open and transparent conversations to support the child.

There is an open door policy – your child’s key person, the SENCO Katherine, our nurture teacher Suzanne and our DSL’s Natalie, Kelly, Katherine and Briony , are always available to  support you and if they are not on site, appointments can be made by email, telephone or in person. Alternatively when you come into school to collect your child, you can speak with your key person.

Remember we are here for the whole family – if you feel you need help, please talk to us!
We are a safe space, we will not judge you.

We are warm, supportive and efficient: we have a clear safeguarding culture whereby procedures such as body maps and accident books are calmly communicated and managed.

We promote positive attendance for all our children – it is one factor that has a huge impact on progress and attainment. 
Termly Progress Review Meetings with the Head Teacher and key person mean we can track individual children’s progress as well as levels of well being and engagement in learning experiences.

 Daily evaluation and Weekly Planning Meetings also feed into our joined-up approach of monitoring children and families. Talking About Children  meetings mean we can spend some time as professionals finding solutions for children and families. 

We are a well established school in the community and have many links in surrounding preschools and local primary and secondary schools so can help with signposting families.