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Day Care

day care

Daycare is a childcare service registered for children from the age of 3 years. Daycare runs Monday to Friday, from 8 am – 6 pm, all year round with some exceptions. The exceptions are that we close for 2 weeks over the summer (usually the first 2 weeks of August), we also close for approximately a week at Christmas (depending on how the Christmas bank holidays fall) and lastly, we are closed for all public bank holidays. Our staff to child ratio is 1:8. 

Term Time Daycare is paid for wraparound childcare that is available for the nursery children and the St Andrews reception class children. We offer sessions throughout the day to top up children’s government funded sessions. Wrap around Daycare sessions include Breakfast Club 8am – 9am, Morning Session 9am – 11.30am, Lunch care 11.30am – 1pm, Afternoon session 1pm – 3pm, top up session 3pm – 3.30pm and afterschool care 3.30pm – 6pm. We have broken the day down into session to allow parents flexibility to book what they need rather than charge for a full day of care.  

Term time Daycare 

What we offer….. During the term time Daycare provides a relaxing homely environment where children can feel safe and nurtured. For much of the day children are able to free flow between the indoor play space and the garden. A range of resources are available daily to provoke the children’s interests and to aid learning in line with the whole school focus/theme. We are led by the children’s interests and adapt the resources to meet the children’s needs and desires.   

Term time meals

We serve breakfast between 8am and 8.45am at no extra cost, breakfast comprises of a variety of 6 types of cereal. Branflakes , Wheetabix, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, Shreddies and Cheerios are served along with water and milk to drink.  Snacks are served during the morning and afternoon session, usually consisting of a variety of fruits and crackers with milk and water to drink and sometimes seasonal home grown produce from our garden, also at no extra cost. For lunch we offer cooked school dinners for a fee of £3 for the meal or children can come with a healthy packed lunch. After 3pm we offer the children a light tea of toast and a yoghurt along with the usual snack of fruit and crackers after school, this is also included at no extra cost. We cater for children’s individual dietary needs please speak to us about this. 

Term time booking

We have an online booking system called ‘School Gateway’. Our booking system is very flexible allowing you to book weekly, you can book further ahead if you prefer. If you are on holiday or your child has an illness like chicken pox where they may be off school for a week or more you would not book Daycare and you would save some money.
(Please note a place will still be there for your child on you return you do not risk losing your place). 

Holiday Daycare Service

Holiday Daycare runs from 8 am to 6 pm during all school holidays excluding the exceptions mentioned above. We also run on school inset days. We accept children from 3-8 years or when they grow out of us. In the past some children have stayed until the age of 9 as they continued to enjoy what was on offer. Siblings and children who do not attend Quarry can attend Holiday Daycare. During the holidays we have many school children who like to come back to Holiday Daycare. Holiday Daycare is very flexible. Bookings are taken in advance, booking closes two weeks before the holiday period commences to allow us time to organise staff cover. For Holiday Daycare you just book the hours and days that you require, there are many booking options available on our bookings app.  

Holiday Daycare 

what we offer………. Holiday Daycare is a time for children to relax and have fun. We provide a caring and stimulating environment where children are free to make choices about their play. We have an abundance of resources available for children to access, many of our resources are recycled donations such as boxes lids cards etc. We are able to access the full garden space as well as our indoor Daycare space, children are able to free flow inside and outside all day long. Children’s play is only interrupted at 11.45 am to prepare for lunch and before home time where children are encouraged to help tidy-up their activities before their lunch or home time. We set up the Daycare room each morning with rich inviting activities to provoke children’s thoughts and ideas, we also respect that children come along with their own ideas, and we are always on hand to support children with following their own interests. We often offer fun extra activities such as baking, Daycare disco’s, face painting, water fun on hot days, gardening, Hama bead making, Sewing and so on.  

Holiday Daycare meals 

During the Holiday’s we serve breakfast as we do in the term time, although breakfast is on offer a bit longer until 9am. Breakfast is provided at no extra cost. For lunch we ask that parents provide a healthy packed lunch, School Dinners are NOT available during the holidays. Please note lunch begins at 12 noon. A healthy packed lunch would consist of a sandwich or a carbohydrate portion that is equivalent, some fruit and a yoghurt or similar. During the day we have snacks available, snack is similar to the term time, we serve fruit and crackers, milk and water. Snacks are provided at no extra cost. If children are booked in after 3pm we offer a small tea, the same as we do in the term time. This is again provided at no extra cost.  

Holiday Daycare Booking

Holiday Daycare bookings are taken in advance to enable us to meet demand and allocate staffing to cover our ratios. We ask that you book your holiday Daycare needs as promptly as possible to avoid missing out, although we do try our best to meet demand. Booking is taken on an hourly basis, therefore even more flexible than the term time, enabling you to book by the hour what you require. If you miss the deadline and places are still available we are happy to take late bookings, but you risk being turned away if places are full. Booking can be placed via the school gateway app up to the deadline after this you must contact the Daycare Administrator via email daycare.1006@headington-nurs.oxon.sch.uk   


We use the School Gateway App as a booking system. This allow parents to place bookings at their convenience within our deadlines. Payments must be made weekly in advance at the latest. We accept childcare vouchers as well as payment via the Gateway App. If you are paying via childcare vouchers please note that the term time cooked lunch element can not be paid using childcare vouchers. Also, if you are paying by childcare vouchers you must use the ‘pay later’ option on the app. If you have any queries regarding the app please contact the Daycare Administrator or speak to the Daycare Co-ordinator.  

If you require and more information or would like to book a visit to see Daycare in operation please use the below email addresses to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you. 


Headteacher – Natalie Wilson – head.1006@headington-nurs.oxon.sch.uk 

Daycare Co-ordinator – Kelly Welch – kwelch@headington-nurs.oxon.sch.uk  

Daycare Administrator – Linda Hessey – daycare.1006@headington-nurs.oxon.sch.uk  

School Telephone Number – 01865 762345